From Montisi it is easy to reach cities, towns and abbeys,
of outstanding historic and artistic interest and to admire unforgettable views.



The cuisine offered by the majority of the area’s restaurants and trattorie is of peasant origin and is simple, healthy and genuine. Therefore it is tasty and to be recommended.

For the most part the entrees on offer are spleen pâté croutons and mixed cured meats, the first courses of pici (irregular handmade spaghetti made with only water and flour), pappardelle (large homemade egg pasta), filled ravioli pasta and ribollita (a bread and vegetable soup), mixed roast meats for the main course, various side dishes, vegetable puddings and the usual Italian desserts, which include traditional Tuscan cantucci biscuits to be dunked in the vinsanto.

We advise you to book the restaurants in advance, especially on the weekends.

Borgo La Grancia s.s. - P.IVA 01581530522

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