Discover the ancient traditions and enchanting feasts that you can find in Montisi
Music and tradition in a unique place surrounded by nature.
Come and visit us in La Grancia di Montisi in Tuscany



Towards the middle of October the harvesting of the olives destined for the production of oil of renowned quality begins. The olives are harvested from the plants (by hand or with small electric machines) and pressed within one or two days at a local press.

This important time for the town’s economy is celebrated in the early days of November with a lively event called il primo olio ed altro ancora (the first oil and more) that sees stands and exhibitions set up along the hamlet'2 main road, as well as guided tours, tastings and typical lunches based on the new oil in the restaurants and the contrade.

Tastings of oil and wines conducted by expert sommeliers take place in La Grancia’s sala delle carozze (carriage room)


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